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Angeline Eckbert

Although from time to time I do take pictures of friends and strangers, the primary focus of my artistic work is the story of my own immediate family.

Why my family? My husband Bill and I agreed before we bore them that the most important thing we would ever do with our lives was to nurture our children. We determined that the greatest gift we could give our children was our time. We were very much aware that the early years would fly by and, before we knew it, they would be out making their own way in the world. I determined to capture these years on film and to resurrect them in the darkroom.

I am now documenting the early years of the next generation.

It is my expectation that the images that I am producing will awaken in you the enduring truth that time spent with children is never wasted and imparts to them a quiet reservoir of inner strength.

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Angeline Eckbert

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